Bloomfield Bags 5 Gold Medals in LAPPRISA

LAPPRISA contests were held last January 24-26, 2012. The students of Bloomfield Academy had proven their excellence through winning the following contests:

Contest Contestant Trainer /s
Vocal Solo (Pre-school) Antionette Myrel B. Carballo Champion Ms. Carmelita D. Marasigan
Poem Recitation(Pre-school) Antionette Myrel B. Carballo Champion Ms. Erlinda P. Juan
Declamation (Intermediate) Andrea Nicole F. Dimaano Champion Mr. Bien E. Pica & Mr. John Rey R. Real
Vocal Solo(High School) Bryan Francis S. Correa Champion Mr. Jonathan C. Cuevas
Speech Choir Selected 4th year students Champion Ms. Erlinda P. Juan, Ms. Carmelita C. Baygan & Mr. Remus Villanueva
Oration (High School) Richard Bryan I. Biticon 2nd Place Mr. Remus Villanueva
Poster Making(High School) Maria Victoria B. Reccion 2nd Place Ms. Bambi Cadiapa
Vocal Solo (Intermediate) Lara Mae O. Gayeta 2nd Place Mr. Jonathan C. Cuevas
Poem Recitation (Primary) Bianca Therese D. Vergabera 2nd Place Ms. Tess M. Bayot & Ms. Grace Dela Rosa
Poster Making (Intermediate) Juliana Regina T. Policar 3rd Place Ms. Bambi Cadiapa
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