Identifying Children with Learning Disabilities

Dealing with various personalities with different learning needs is an important task a teacher does in the classroom. Understanding each student’s uniqueness and learning style makes it more challenging indeed. Knowing how to identify the learner’s needs and being able to respond to them were some of the issues tackled during the seminar given to the teachers last June 15, 2013.

The BA Guidance Office spearheaded a seminar on the topic, “Identifying Children with Learning Disabilities,” to the Administrators, Faculty and Staff of Bloomfield Academy which was held at the school’s AVR.

The seminar aimed to make the teachers more aware of the prevailing issues on the increasing number of students with special needs and how to administer the help they need in order to succeed in their school work. The speaker, Mr. Rolando C. Remitar reiterated the need to give equal educational opportunities which made them gain better insights on the learners and their learning disabilities.

Kudos goes to all the teachers for exhibiting their creativity during the workshop. To our Principal, Ms. Elsie Torreno and to our coordinators thank you for the untiring support you have given to all the participants. A special thank you goes to our vibrant speaker, Mr. Remitar of the Asian Psychological Services and Assessment Inc. for taking time out from his hectic schedule to share his expertise to the BA Family.

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