Pinoy and BA Pride for Golf Open

Zachary Castro of Grade 2 Humility Competes at the Golf Tournament for Kids in the USA

One day, an unusual conversation surprised Mr. Castro. He couldn’t believe his ears. Zachary, his eight year old son was pouring a litany of words as he was reading the events in the program of a golf tournament. He wondered how his son knew all the jargons and terms used in golf, and the places the players assume when they play. As Zach continued explaining to his dad about these, Mr. Castro saw the light in his son’s eyes. He knew then that deep in his heart Zach had a passion for golf. This was the “Eureka Moment.”

Soon after, he brought his son to the golf summer clinic to start his official training. At first, it started as a hobby, and wasn’t meant to be competitive. But that was not the road fate had paved for him. He took his chance at competitions and, in one tournament, he won gold in the beginner’s level.

In 2012, Zach and his dad joined the father-son tournament. During the competition, his dad’s golf ball fell in the water. According to the rules, the only way to get back on track was for the son to score a hole in one. His dad asked for help, and Zachary immediately responded with “I’ll save you dad!” And with that, they won third place! Mr. Castro then confirmed the drive his son possessed for golf.

Zach joined a national three-day tournament which served as a qualifying round for the US Kids Open Tournament. This tournament’s purpose was to select the Philippine representative to compete in the International Golf Tournament to be held in Pinehurst, North Carolina, the center for Golf enthusiasts.

On the first day, he scored 7th place. On the second day, he scored 5th place. The third day of the tournament saw rain, and with it, tears. It was raining in Zachary’s heart for his dad could not be present at the tournament. He had an important meeting that day. All Mr. Castro could do was to keep the loudspeaker on and support him through his phone. Zach was crying all throughout the tournament . But the game had to go on!

The  rain stopped. Then the sun came out. His dad’s meeting was cancelled. In the end, Zach bagged the third place! It was a little disheartening however, because only the top two placers would participate in the US tournament. Although crestfallen that he was so close to qualifying, his father heaved a sigh of relief. He wouldn’t have to spend a large amount of money after all. There will be no trip to the US this coming August.

The phone rang weeks later, The person on the other side of the line was an official from the tournament. He explained to Mr. Castro that the second placer was already eligible to compete in the US Kids Open tournament. This meant technically that Zach earned the second place and he is now eligible to join the tournament in the USA.

As we write this article, Zach and his family would have landed in North Carolina for the competition.

Now all we await for is the competition. This is going to be on August 1,2 and 3, 2013. He will not only represent our country but he will also bring the Bloomfieldian name. We send our prayers in hopes that God may guide him in this competition and cheer him on that he may be encouraged to do his best. But win or lose, he has brought great pride to our school.

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