STEM Review by Jayrinne R. Isip


STEM Review: order Indocin
Jayrinne R. Isip
HSIV Benevolence
Module: Order Kamagra  Video Production

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STEM is something that came out of the blue for me. When I first heard about it, I grew extremely excited, but kept the excitement to myself for fear of the unknown. Having tried it, however, I was completely impressed by all the technology and materials used, and how the procedure flows from one step to another. When I learned that Video Production was part of the program, I was even more thrilled and hoped that it would be my first assigned module. And it was!  It became even more amazing when I started learning the ropes. Later on I was assigned to Alternative Energy. I had thought that Video Production was the best but I must admit that the best is yet to come. I was learning something new every day as though I was into some kind of an adventure. Suddenly, the world had turned into a world of possibilities!  If I were given the chance to bring in people to experience STEM, then I would not only invite hundreds, but thousands of students to try it. For not only is it fun, but it also enhances the knowledge that one could obtain at his or her age. All in all, the STEM program is an amazing thing, and I am very thankful that on my last year as an active Bloomfieldian, I got to experience this wonderful program.


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