Bida Ang Handa


Bloomfield Academy actively participated in the 2nd Quarter Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill (NSED) last June 29, 2017. At exactly 2 p.m., the bell rang for a minute. The students did the DUCK, COVER, and HOLD.

bida 1

bida 2

bida 3
Bloomfieldians went to their respective holding areas and stayed with their teachers and advisers.

bida 4
The Bloomfieldians then gathered by section at the covered court to get the feedback from the said drill.

bida 5
Sir Ruel Carballo, the head of the Red Cross Youth Council in Bloomfield Academy, announced that it took 2 minutes and 20 seconds for the Bloomfieldians to evacuate.

bida 6
Towards the end, Ms. J reminded the Bloomfieldians to move faster and to take the succeeding drills seriously.

Truly, an earthquake is one of the disasters that most of us are afraid of. Yet, no one can ever tell when and where it would occur. With that being said, we should fully prepare ourselves for the unpredictable arrival of the big one.

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