Feast Day of San Lorenzo Ruiz

A special day offered to San Lorenzo Ruiz, Bloomfield Academy’s patron saint was celebrated last September 28, Friday at the covered court. As an annual tradition, the most San Lorenzo Ruiz -Like, who exemplifies the values of the patron saint, is chosen from each class.

The feast day started with the Holy Mass which was presided by Rev. Fr. Tito Rañola.

The Most San Lorenzo Ruiz- like representatives walked down the aisle for the offering of gifts.

During the Communion, Bloomfieldians lined up to receive the Body of Christ.

Awarding of Certificates

Part of the mass was the awarding of certificates to the Most San Lorenzo Ruiz-like students from each grade level. With their parents/advisers, each representative came up on stage to receive his certificate.

Rafael Enrey S. Nicolas (PreKinder Peace)

Ariad Kaizen A. Dalisay (Kinder Hope)

Juan Carlo D. Jorge (Grade 1 Charity)

Asley Kyzel A. Estacio (Grade 2 Humility)

Marc Santino D. Vergabera (Grade 3 Generosity)

Jazz F. Sta. Cruz (Grade 4 Sincerity)

Cyan A. Cheang (Grade 5 Amity)

Kaizen Legolas S. Aranda (Grade 6 Honesty)

Rajenn Yvez Y. Lobrido (Grade 7 Forbearance)

Kyle Patrick M. Moral (Grade 7 Fortitude)

Lance Gabriel I. Separo (Grade 8 Steadfastness)

Jan Kailu A. Baradas (Grade 9 Uprightness)

Clarence T. Tendido (Grade 10 Integrity)

John Paul P. Limpin (Grade 11)

Christian Third V. Cacapit (Grade 12)

Congratulations to our Most San Lorenzo Ruiz-like Awardees! May the values of our beloved patron saint remain in you as you inspire young people to exemplify his holiness and patience in following God’s path.

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