Grade 12 HUMSS Students Visit the Plastic Factory of Villar Sipag at Pulang Lupa

Grade 12 HUMSS Students Visit the Plastic Factory of  Villar Sipag at Pulang Lupa

As part of the course on  Community Engagement, Solidarity, and Citizenship, the Grade 12 HUMSS students, together with their subject teacher, Ms. Thelma O. Marquez, visited Villar Sipag, Pulang Lupa last September 3, Tuesday.

The students visited the factory where the plastic chairs were being made.

They also saw the plastic factory that makes chairs from plastic bottles.

The Tour Guide assigned to the BA students explained to the Grade 12 HUMSS students how plastic bottles were made into chairs.

This is an example of a finished product.

They were also given a tour where the paper bags made from dried water lily leaves were processed and manufactured.

From the paper bag manufacturing, they were also brought to the area where baskets were woven and trays were made from water lily stalks.

Using coconut husks, ropes were manufactured. Here is a photo of a roll of rope from coconut husks.

Grade 12 HUMSS students with Ms. Thelma and their tour guide, Ms. May from Villar Sipag
From left to right: Ms. May, Ms. Thelma Marquez, Yna Bianca Maulion, Gabrielle Candice Bearnaza, Patricia Dana Bohol, Chloe Saquilayan

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