Science Olympics 2018

Science for the People: Innovation for Collective Prosperity. As part of the institutional celebration of the Science month, Science Olympics 2018 was held last September 24, Saturday. Science Olympics 2018 was composed of fun-filled, exciting, and challenging activities. The program started with a bench cheering competition.


The House of Water splashed the stage with their overflowing cheer.

The House of Wind blew their opponents with their blustery cheer.

The Earth Giants crashed the stage with their resounding cheer.

The House of Fire heated up the stage as they fiercely performed their cheer.

Olympics Proper

After the bench cheering, each house proceeded to their respective places to listen for further instructions from their teacher coaches and team navigators. Students for each grade level per house gathered to plan for the tasks assigned to them and to accomplish the task sheets. And the signal began as the emcee announced, “ Let the games begin!”

Below are some pictures taken from the Olympics proper:

Grade 11 House of Earth

Grade 5 House of Earth

Grade 7 House of Earth

Grade 8 House of Fire

Grade 5 House of Fire

Ms. Tess checking the temperature of the water

Grade 11 House of Water

Grade 10 House of Water

Grade 8 House of Wind

Grade 5 House of Water

Grade 8 House of Wind

Grade 1 House of Wind

Ms. Adele interviews Grade 7 students from the House of Fire

Ms. Jet testing the work of Grade 4

Ms. Leah and Sir Richard speak to the Grade 10 members of the House of Water

Grade 5 House of Earth

Sir Fros with the participants from the House of Earth

Grade 10 representatives from House of Wind testing their boat made of plastic bottles

Ms. J and Ms. Leah test the results

Sir Erik, Sir Fros, and Ms. Leah check the students’ work

Grade 5 students waiting for their work to be tested

Ms. Rena with the participants from the House of Fire

he Game Facilitators busy preparing all the materials needed for the competition from left to right: Ms. Rena, Mrs. Valenzuela (Judge), Ms. Arlyn (Judge), and Ms. Joy

Awarding of Winners for Each Game


Grade 1 Charity (House of Water)

Grade 2 Humility (House of Fire)

Grade 3 Generosity (House of Water)

Grade 4 Sincerity (House of Earth)

Grade 5 Amity (House of Water)

Grade 6 Honesty (House of Earth)

Grade 7 Forbearance & Fortitude (House of Fire)

Grade 8 Steadfastness (House of Fire)

Grade 9 Uprightness (House of Fire)

Grade 10 Integrity (House of Wind)

Grade 11 (House of Fire)

Grade 12 (House of Water)

Awarding of Certificates of Appreciation to the Judges

Mrs. Adelina E. Arbis

Mrs. Jet Valenzuela

Mr. Salvador Magalong

Ms. Leah Salvaleon

Charles Lumhod (Grade 12) and Ellys Jover (Grade 11) received a token of appreciation for creating the banner for the Science Olympics 2018

Awarding of Plaques to the Overall Winners






Grade 7 students from Magnificat School with their teachers joined the different houses

Congratulations to our students, teachers, administrators, and staff. You just proved that no matter how impossible a task seems to be, it could still could as long as there is unity and teamwork. To our students, may you carry with you the things that you have learned during the Science Olympics. And most importantly, may you serve as the future innovators that our society needs. The Science Olympics proves that truly Bloomfield is the Paragon Center for Science and Technology!

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