Bloomfieldians Celebrate World Teacher’s Day

It has been an annual tradition in Bloomfield Academy where Bloomfieldians treat their teachers with student teacher take over and entertaining performances prepared by the students. Last Friday, October 5, a special program for the teachers was held at the covered court. This program was prepared and spearheaded by the Bloomfield Academy Student Supreme Government (BASPG) with their moderator, Ms. Thelma Marquez.

The program started with the celebration of the First Friday Mass. The mass was presided by Rev. Fr. Raul ‘Tito’ Rañola.

Krystelle Bolinao (Grade 4 Sincerity) – Commentator

Marc Santino Vergabera (Grade 3 Generosity) – First Reading

Jairau Eian Malabanan (Grade 4 Sincerity) – Responsorial Psalm

Fr. Tito delivering the homily

Antonio Genato III – Prayers of the Faithful

Students from Grades 3-4 walk down the aisle for the offering of gifts

Consecration of the bread and wine

Receiving the body of Christ

Father Tito offering a prayer for the teachers

After the celebration of the First Friday mass, the special program for teachers followed. It was hosted by John Paul Limpin (BASPG President) and Yna Bianca Maulion (BASPG Vice President).

The parade of teachers with their student teachers

Ms. Kat with Dana Bohol, Gab Berneaza, Daniella Janabon, and Bianca Therese Vergabera

Ms. Roselle with Maxine Frayco

Ms. Tess with Kenshin Suñer and Nathaniel Sta. Cruz

Ms. Malou with Shai Doroteo

Ms. Norly with Chloe Saquilayan and Gerard Gallardo

Ms. Honey with Megumi Daz

Ms. Polly with Bea Bumanglag and Stephanie Serafico

Sir Richard with Ken Noritomi

Ms. Jerelle with Sean Edillor and Patricia Chan

Sir Fern with Yna Bianca Maulion

Sir Justin with CJ Fernandez

Sir Fros with Luke Buhain

Ms. Ivan with JP Tonel

Sir Jason with Joseph Cano

Ms. Joy with Clarence Tendido

Sir Erik with Charles Lumhod

Ms. Renalyn with Chrizel Anne Gabriel

Ms. Madel with Carolyn Joy Limpin

Ms. Levate with Jania Garcia

Sir Philip with Jan Kailu Baradas

Ms. Jeso with Rhaizza Legaspi

Sir Joshua with Christian Cacapit

Ms. Delfa with Jose Romulo Latosa

Sir Ruel with Emil Hernandez

Ms. Thelma with Yna Bianca Maulion

Ms. Leng with John Paul Limpin

Sir Sonny with Amirah Tuazon

Ms. Elsie with Julia Perez

Ms. J with Kiel Molina

Nurse Aizel, Ms. Kim, Ms. Mavic, Ms. Dhang, Ms. Lala, and Ms. Magda

BASPG in an entertaining dance number

The Preschoolers in their cute Gummy Bear dance number

Jana and Sam with their heartfelt version of Glowing Inside

Selected Grades 1-3 students in their adorable dance number

The Sta. Cruz siblings with their astounding performance

Josemari Genato, a young talented drummer from Grade 5 Amity

Part 2

Since the program was cut last Friday, it was continued on Monday during the ceremony. It started with Yna Bianca Maulion and Jaztin Nicolas Nadal’s heartfelt rendition of Yeng Constantino’s Salamat.

Yna Bianca Maulion with Jaztin Nicolas Nadal

Shanti Leialoha Gleason with her impeccable version of The Journey.

MJ Guan with her astounding performance of Wag Ka Nang Umiyak.

The selected students from BADGE Club with their grooving dance number.

The Bel Canto Choir Members with their breathtaking version of True Colors.

Our dynamic principal, Ms J, ends the program by expressing her gratitude towards the Bloomfieldians who have extended effort in making the teachers’ day celebration an extra special one.





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