Spiritual Retreat of Grade 6 Students

Spiritual Retreat is a part of a student’s holistic development. It helps the students reconnect with themselves by staying in a peaceful location. This is what the Grade 6 students experienced last November 9 & 10 (Friday &Saturday) at the Carmelite Missionaries Center of Spirituality in Tagaytay.

Father Mike Peralta facilitated the retreat of the Grade 6 students. Ms. Honey Laluna (class adviser) and Sir Jason Montaron (CLE teacher) and Sir Ruel Carballo also joined the students.

Below are the pictures taken from the retreat:

Grade 6 Honesty (A.Y. 2018-2019) with their adviser Ms. Honey Laluna

Listening to the orientation about the house rules by a Carmelite sister before the retreat started

Engaging in several activities that made the students reflect about their life.

The students also grabbed the opportunity of knowing each other better through eating together.

Their last activity was the remarkable message giving in which they handed candles to one another as they gave their messages of gratitude and appreciation.

On the last day of the retreat, a mass was celebrated by with the students.

Congratulations for a successful retreat! May you bring with you the memories, reflections, and learnings that you had imbibed during your spiritual retreat.

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