Open House and Mini Science Olympics featuring Wishbone Kiddie Camp

Open House and Mini Science Olympics featuring Wishbone Kiddie Camp Sixth Graders
January 23, 2019

Grade 6 students from Wishbone Kiddie Camp visited Bloomfield Academy last January 23, 2019. As part of their visit, they had a tour of the school. The highlight of their visit was engaging themselves in a  mini Science Olympics which was organized by the Science teachers. The students were divided into four teams and each group was assigned to accomplish three tasks: paper tower, race car, and naked egg drop.

The mini Science Olympics started with each group planning how to accomplish the task.

Each team worked together to complete and finish the tasks given to them.

As the students immersed themselves in the tasks given to them they enjoyed the teamwork, camaraderie, and creativity in reaching their goals. They had positive feedback on the experience they had today as they explored and applied Science concepts into their work output.

Welcome to Bloomfield Academy 6th graders of Wishbone Kiddie Camp. Your active participation and high energy impressed the Bloomfieldians. We hope to see you next year to be with us as we conquer greater heights.

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