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Bloomfield Green Acers Soars as First Runner Up in LPSAA Season 17 Volleyball Elementary Girls

A volleyball championship match between Bloomfield Academy and Academy of Jesus was held at Bloomfield Academy quadrangle last October 20, Saturday. Bloomfield Academy Acers Volleyball Players rose as First Runner-Up in the LPSAA Volleyball Competition, Elementary Girls Division. Coach Levate Zoleta proudly received the trophy together with Bloomfield Green Acers Volleyball Girls (Elementary). From left […]

Science Olympics 2018

Science for the People: Innovation for Collective Prosperity. As part of the institutional celebration of the Science month, Science Olympics 2018 was held last September 24, Saturday. Science Olympics 2018 was composed of fun-filled, exciting, and challenging activities. The program started with a bench cheering competition. BENCH CHEERING COMPETITION Olympics Proper After the bench cheering, […]

Ms. LPSAA 2018

The Las Piñas Schools Athletic Association (LPSAA)  is an annual sports event wherein varsity players from 12 private schools (Academy of Jesus, Augustinian Abbey School, Bethany School, Bloomfield Academy, Don Carlo Cavina School, Holy Rosary Academy, KCM Academy, OB Montessori Center, Saint Anthony School, St. Mark’s Institute-Annex, St. Mary Institute-Main, Paref Southridge School, and Young […]

Grade 12 HUMSS Students Visit the Plastic Factory of Villar Sipag at Pulang Lupa

Grade 12 HUMSS Students Visit the Plastic Factory of  Villar Sipag at Pulang Lupa As part of the course on  Community Engagement, Solidarity, and Citizenship, the Grade 12 HUMSS students, together with their subject teacher, Ms. Thelma O. Marquez, visited Villar Sipag, Pulang Lupa last September 3, Tuesday.

Feast Day of San Lorenzo Ruiz

A special day offered to San Lorenzo Ruiz, Bloomfield Academy’s patron saint was celebrated last September 28, Friday at the covered court. As an annual tradition, the most San Lorenzo Ruiz -Like, who exemplifies the values of the patron saint, is chosen from each class. Awarding of Certificates Part of the mass was the awarding […]

Club Launching 2018

The school will not be complete, fun, and exciting without clubs and organizations. Joining clubs and organizations builds students’ social interaction and psychomotor skills, interpersonal communicative competence, and team building competency. Last September 3, Monday, the awaited club launching was held at the covered court. The club moderators creatively came up with their own strategy […]

1st Parent-Teacher Conference 2018

1st Parent-Teacher Conference September 28, 2018 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Science Olympics 2018

Most Mary Like 2018

Every year, Bloomfield Academy celebrates Mama Mary’s birthday with a Holy Mass and the presentation of the Most Mary-Like Awardees for each section. The celebration of the Mass was held at Bloomfield Academy covered court last September 7, Friday. During the mass, each section’s most Mary- like, who embodies the virtues of the Blessed Mother, […]


Parenting seminar is an annual event in Bloomfield Academy, sponsored by the Parents and Teachers Association of Bloomfield Academy (PATABA) officers. Every year, a distinguished speaker is invited to deliver a talk about a timely topic. With this year’s theme, Screen Time: Parental Management on the Use of Electronic Gadgets by Students in Social Media,  […]

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