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LRC Gone Mobile

Your LRC Has Gone Mobile!

BA Library has gone online! OPAC, the online bibliography of a public collection is right here in our library. This online catalog is used to find out what materials are available in our library. A user can browse for items on the catalog by following this process. For CELL PHONES AND SMART PHONES Download Destiny Quest […]


BLOOMFIELD ACADEMY Center for Science and Technology

Bloomfield Academy spearheads “Learning Revolution” transforming itself into becoming a Center for Science and Technology setting world class standards for work force competencies like the ability to think critically, creatively and reflectively, ability to identify and solve problems, ability to be an adaptable, self- directed, competent life-long learner and ability to maintain proper work ethics […]



MANG CARLOS GETS RECOGNITION – From L-R: Sir Sonny, Interact Club Moderator, Sister Pet, Allyza Quirante, Miguel Paz, Ms. Thelma Marquez, Ms. Risa, Mang Carlos, Ms. Elsie Torreno, Ms. J, and Sister Jerome (Photos by Zildjian)   Every Monday during the morning assembly, the Interact Club through the I Care for Everyone: An Act of […]

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