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An Act Of Kindness

As we are in festivity & are enjoying this Season of Loving, Giving & Sharing, our dear brethren who, at this moment are struggling & battling for their lives, homes and belongings from the rising flood waters, due to Typhoon Usman, in Katuwiran II, Baco, Oriental Mindoro have cried for help. A message from Brother Michael Ilao, who worked with us last mid- November till early December sent us this message of help.

Dear parents & students, We are appealing from your kind heart to donate for their needs since they have lost most of their belongings from the flood. They need food (preferably canned goods & noodles) clothes to keep them warm from the cold weather & rain, old blankets & sweaters.  Your generosity will be highly appreciated.

Kindly send your donations to Bloomfield Academy. Boxes for your donations will be placed in Gate 1. Sir Ruel with RCY & Ms. Thelma from Student Government will take charge of this kindness campaign.

As we approach the New Year with hope & light may we end 2018 by sharing our love & light to our brothers & sisters in Mindoro.

Take care everyone.
God bless!

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