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History of Bloomfield Academy

It started as a dream – to spread God’s kingdom here on earth through Quality Catholic Education.

In the early part of 1985, Mr. Rodolfo J. Lagera, a marketing and business professional, wanted to do something meaningful to make a difference in this world. He envisioned an institution that would touch the lives of many young children, providing them the tool that will enable them to maintain quality life and ensure success in the future. And slowly, that vision took on shape and became a beautiful reality.

The succeeding months saw Bloomfield Academy take shape materially in stone and steel, but more importantly in SPIRIT! The educational foundations were laid – the curriculum, policies and programs put in place;  the necessary papers filed with the Department of Education, Culture and Sports… and Bloomfield  was ready to start its mission.

Thirty teachers and staff made up the first personnel. The Rev. Emeterio L. Barcelon, S.J., Ms.Ma. Erlinda J. Lagera, Ms. Josefina S. Pano, Mrs. Rosario C. Garcia  and Dr.Ma. Lourdes Macatangay conceived the Philosophy, Vision and Mission of the school which gave inspiration to the pioneer teachers to compose the Bloomfield Hymn.

In June 1986, Bloomfield Academy opened its doors to its first 450 students from Kindergarten 1 to Grade 4, occupying only the first and second floors of the building. The school had its experiences of many firsts:

  • First Holy Communion
  • First Interest Clubs
  • First Leadership Training Program.
  • The first parent organization, the Bloomfield Academy Parent Advisor Association (BAPAA).
  • The very first time the Blessed Sacrament was exposed in the Prayer Room.

And the school continued to flourish and expand from a student population of 450 in 1986, to a 70% student population increase in the second year. The decision to open Levels I and II of High School, was inevitable. Thirteen additional classrooms were built and a new wing was erected to accommodate the ever-increasing population of the academe. With this trend came noticeable improvements in facilities, the upgrading of the Science and Home Economics laboratories, the installation of a sophisticated sound system, improved air conditioning system in the classrooms, and the needed make- over of the Administrative Offices.

Bloomfield became known all over, not only within the community of Las Pinas but also  in the “outside world.” Its active participation in the activities, events, contests and competitions with different schools and organizations proved its excellence in the academics, sports and arts.

In the school year 1994-95, the parent organization had a change in personality and adopted the name, “Parent-Teacher Association of Bloomfield Academy.”  From then on it was referred to as the “PATABA”

At the dawn of the new millennium, Bloomfield opened another wing to accommodate the surge of incoming students. It continued to make its mark in the Academic Community and concentrated on working towards excellence – in all aspects. The curriculum was continually refined and updated in keeping with the demands of the ever-changing world. It kept abreast with the times. And on the spiritual side, it did not forget to instill in its students to practice the virtues of a true Christian,  “ to be a man for all.” This was the identity the Bloomfield students carried with them wherever they went.

Bloomfield found its place among the respected and notable schools south of Manila. It became a beacon in the community, graduating more than 1700 students from its portals.  A sizable number of these graduates   have taken their place as productive members of society.

The Bloomfield Family Spirit, which is one of the hallmarks of the school, continued to pervade the campus.  The school slogan, “Let Love Light your Life” came alive through its administrators and staff, teachers, parents and students – thus accomplishing Bloomfield Academy’s mission – to build Christ’s community here on earth.

The 24 years of existence saw the meaningful realization of its Philosophy, Vision and Mission. It could not ask for more. But this was not guarantee that all was well and the sailing was smooth. There were challenges to be met. There were rough edges to be trimmed, and Bloomfield was not without tough times. Moving towards its 25th year was an uphill climb.

The difficulties needed to be overcome, but the only way out was making an ultimate sacrifice… a painful decision to make. But it had to be done.

Finally, Bloomfield had to undergo a transition period. The pain and the tears became agents of change that purged Bloomfield. Like the phoenix, Bloomfield rose from the ashes of difficulties and trials…

And …the dream and the mission continued…

A big change was brought about in 2009-2010. First of all, there was a change in personalities at the helm of the school.  DANE Publishing, a company dedicated to providing academic expertise led by Mrs. Leonicia M. Llarena, President, Mr. Dante E. Llarena, chairman of the Board of Trustees and Mr. Lino R. Rom, VP for Academics, respectively, now administer the school. The change may have brought new personalities and administrators, but Bloomfield is not the personalities… Bloomfield is not the administrators… Bloomfield is its Philosophy, Vision and Mission!  Personalities come and go, but the PVM for which the school existed steadfastly remains.

Secondly, the change brought about transformation…

…that is transformation in its “physical enhancement.” This was aimed at making Bloomfield a MORE conducive academic community. And slowly, step by step in the process… a new look emerged. A look that everyone welcomed and learned to like.

More shade was provided to attain a cool atmosphere in the quadrangle with the installation of the transparent top-of-the line imported polybicarbonate roofing giving the students more protection from the heat of the sun and the intense rain. Now activities, experiments, drills and lessons can be conducted outside the classroom without fear of interruption from  the sudden change in weather.

The library, now called the Learning Resource Center has been moved up to the 2nd floor. It consists of a main library for Grade School, High School and Faculty, an Audio Visual Room and a Reference section. Computers are at hand making it accessible for students for on line research. The bright, roomy, “conducive-to-reading” atmosphere looks inviting enough to attract readers into its confines. Its walls which are made of large picture windows, enables one to see through them, adding cheerfulness and brightness to the facility. New furniture replaced the old ones, and an efficient air conditioning system has improved its ambience. It is equipped with the top-of-the line library automation program. The Online Web Base has been installed to keep its students updated through multi-media research from anywhere at any time.

A new, functional state-of-the-arts Speech Laboratory, which is not a common facility in schools train the students achieve mastery in the basic speaking and listening skills increasing their skill in oral communication.

The upgraded Science and Math Laboratories help the students acquire essential foundation in the scientific and mathematical concepts, which are most valuable in their lives.

The Grade School and High School Computer Laboratories have answered the needs of the students by providing a one-computer per child ratio, increasing the opportunity for more varied hands-on activities.

The TLE Lab moved to the third floor where BELL (Bloomfield English Language Learning) Center used to be. It was remodelled, thus accommodating a 3 built-in modern kitchen used for the practical application of the lessons learned  in culinary arts.

All classrooms are installed with highly technical equipment to enable computer-aided teaching. An ideal teacher-student ratio is maintained at a maximum of 35 students per teacher in the grades school and high school levels; and a maximum of 15 to 20 learners in the preschool levels.

The canteen has been made more comfortable and a conducive place where the students can have their meals.

And all lavatories of the children, faculty and staff have been completely reconstructed and properly maintained.

Hand in hand with the physical transformation of the school, is the continuous upgrading and  refinement of the curriculum in order to keep abreast with the needs of the times. Without staying away from its focus, it continues to move towards striving for excellence in the academics,  spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects.

Living up to the Bloomfield dream, the institution continues to instill in its students love for God and love for neighbour. Its aim is to successfully transform the learner to be a caring individual eventually becoming  “ a man for all.” With a religious Sister heading the Pastoral and Campus Ministry, love of God and of others based on a solid doctrinal formation is nurtured. Atmosphere of care, love, mutual trust, respect and openness sustain the unity and cooperation of the students, parents and administration.

Being dynamic and innovative in its approach, setting high standards of performance contribute to a transformation to excellence. New methods of teaching, learning programs, strategies have been adapted to enrich the curriculum thereby increasing student proficiency in the different subject areas.

In  the area of Mathematics,  the Singapore Math has been adapted in the Grade School and High School. This method aims to treat the lessons in greater depth for increased mastery. Students are made to reflect on the how and why of problems.  Manipulatives and visual representations are used. The concrete-pictorial- abstract approach supports a seamless transition into complex problems and algebra. The student’s attitude and metacognitive processes improve student’s confidence.

Likewise, the Singapore Science Method  is adapted in the Grade School.

Reading and Language Arts have adapted a program called the SRI. The Scholastic Reading Inventory is an assessment and enriching program, which aims to motivate children to read, thus, empowering them to be learners of life. It helps to increase the reading and comprehension skills of the students, their performance evaluation as evidenced in their individual lexile score. A Lexile Framework evaluates both reading ability and text complexity on the same scale. It also uses assessment results to match readers with texts essential for growth and monitor their progress toward standards.

Together with this program is the SRA which focuses on the mastery of reading skills  through Listening Skill Builders, Rate Builders and Power Builders where the learners are exposed to different literary styles presented in a graduated sequence of difficulty.

Bloomfield moves forward in meeting the challenges of education. It assumes an aggressive stance in looking for ways and means to improve not only its facilities, but the curriculum as well. It continues to look out for new methods, strategies and activities that may be adapted and utilized to make the curriculum more enriching and the instruction more functional for the benefit of its studentry.

The administrators, who are the prime movers of the institution exert effort in having the various departments fulfill the school’s mission and vision. The teachers who are the educational leaders pursue excellence by doing all means to work extraordinarily well. They seek continuous professional improvement and take pride in their profession. The administrative staff recognize the value of their work and strive to constantly seek professional growth.

The Bloomfield Spirit prevails, it continues to soar and fly high. It is the force that binds the students, parents, teachers, administration and staff to a circle of love, understanding and cooperation, holding hands in unity, moving towards one single direction… “The Dream.”

As it actively participates in the inter-school activities, events, contests and competitions, it continues to harvest the seeds that it has planted in the form of many “winnings” bringing home the honor, the prestige and the accolades, untiringly maintaining excellence in the academics, science, languages, sports and arts.

Just like the “flower” in the “field” that shows its beauty and shares its fragrance, Bloomfield has attracted many and stayed. And those who stayed have gone out of its portals, yet to come back again to give testimonies of what they have become, productive members of  society,” a man for others,” carrying on the mission of building Christ’s community here on earth … a fulfilment of that dream!