Our Facilities



    Our spacious and inviting library provides a comfortable and quiet atmosphere for our students to study, read, and research. It houses a collection of books, journals, magazines, and other educational materials, covering various subjects and disciplines. We also have digital resources available, including e-books and online databases, which our students can access from the library or from any location with an internet connection. Our licensed librarian is available to assist students in their search for information and provide guidance on using the library’s resources effectively. 



    Our Physics Laboratory is designed to provide our students with hands-on experience in various physics concepts, allowing them to explore physics principles and perform experiments in a safe and controlled environment. Equipped with advanced technology such as oscilloscopes, power supplies, and data loggers, our Physics Laboratory enables students to analyze, interpret and visualize data collected during their experiments. Our students can conduct experiments and better understand the subject matter. Our Physics Laboratory is one of the many resources we offer to help students develop their understanding of the laws of the universe and apply their knowledge to real-world problems.



    Our Chemistry Laboratory is fully equipped with modern facilities and equipment that cater to the needs of our students in learning chemistry. The laboratory is designed to provide our students with practical experience conducting experiments and analyzing results. It is equipped with the latest technology, including fume hoods, lab tables, and laboratory equipment, to provide students with a hands-on and engaging learning experience. Students can work individually or in groups, conducting experiments and analyzing chemical reactions in a safe and controlled environment.



    At Bloomfield Academy, we believe mathematics is a fundamental subject that provides students with essential problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. That’s why we have invested in a state-of-the-art Math Laboratory, a dedicated space for students to explore mathematical concepts and improve their problem-solving skills. It is equipped with various tools and resources that help our students understand and appreciate mathematics. It is a space where our students can explore the beauty and applications of math.



    Our Speech Laboratory is designed to help our students become confident and effective communicators who can express their ideas clearly and persuasively in various contexts. We believe these skills are essential for success in school, the workplace, and life. Equipped with advanced technology, it allows our students to practice and develop their public speaking, listening, and language skills. Students can practice a range of activities, including public speaking, debate, oral presentations, and pronunciation drills, under the guidance of our experienced teachers.

  • CAREER LABORATORY by Paxton/Patterson


    Our Career Laboratory is designed to help our students explore various career paths and develop the skills needed to succeed in their chosen field. The laboratory provides hands-on experience in various industries, such as science, technology engineering, health sciences, math, and more. We offer a state-of-the-art Career Laboratory experience, a comprehensive and innovative program designed to prepare our students for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics careers. It features a range of advanced equipment and technology, including drones, 3D printers, robotics kits, computer-aided design software, and other cutting-edge tools and materials. Our students can access hands-on learning experiences that challenge them to apply critical thinking skills and problem-solving strategies to real-world scenarios.

    The Paxton/Patterson program, offered by Paxton/Patterson Company based in Illinois, US, is an innovative educational curriculum that offers students a well-rounded and engaging learning experience. It is designed to prepare them for successful careers in high-demand fields such as biotechnology, renewable energy, and robotics. By providing hands-on training, interactive activities, and real-world experiences, the program aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the workforce of tomorrow. Whether pursuing higher education or entering the workforce directly after graduation, students who participate in a Paxton/Patterson program are well-prepared to achieve their career goals.



    Our ICT Laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility that offers students access to the latest computer technologies and software tools to help them develop the skills they need to become successful in the digital age. Our ICT Laboratory is designed to provide students with hands-on experiences assembling and disassembling computers, creating cross-over and straight-through cables, and using various software applications. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, including high-speed internet, advanced software programs, and various hardware components, our ICT Laboratory enables students to explore and experiment with various digital technologies.



    Our Preschool Classrooms are spacious, bright, and colorful, providing a warm, welcoming atmosphere that encourages our students to explore, create, and learn. Our classrooms are designed to stimulate our students’ curiosity and promote their social, emotional, and cognitive development. It is equipped with age-appropriate learning materials, such as puzzles, building blocks, storybooks, and art supplies, which allow our students to engage in hands-on, experiential learning activities that promote their imagination and creativity.



    Our Grade School Classrooms are spacious and fully equipped with modern technology and educational resources, including Smart TVs and an internet connection. Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced in teaching young learners, and they are dedicated to providing our students with a quality education that meets their individual needs and interests. They use innovative and engaging teaching methods that encourage active learning and critical thinking, and they foster a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.



    Our High School Classrooms are fully equipped with modern technology and educational resources, including Smart TVs and an internet connection. Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced in teaching high school students, and they are dedicated to providing our students with a quality education that meets their individual needs and interests. We offer a wide range of subjects and courses that are designed to challenge our students and prepare them for success in college and beyond.



    Our canteen offers nutritious and tasty food options, including freshly cooked meals, sandwiches, salads, fruits, and beverages. We work closely with our food suppliers to ensure that our meals are prepared with fresh and high-quality ingredients and meet the health and safety standards of the Department of Health. It is designed to provide our students with a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, ample seating space, clean and well-lit surroundings, and friendly and courteous staff. We strive to create an environment that promotes healthy eating habits, social interaction, and a sense of community.



    Our spacious and well-equipped Multipurpose Halls 1 & 2 can accommodate various indoor sports activities, such as table tennis, floorball, and chess. With ample lighting and a sturdy construction, these halls can withstand heavy usage and provide a safe and comfortable playing surface for our students.



    Our Covered Court is spacious and well-equipped, serving as the hub of our school’s sporting and social activities. It features a full-size basketball court suitable for both practice and competitive games and other sports activities, such as volleyball and badminton. Aside from being a venue for sports activities, it is also used for various school events and activities, including school assemblies, student performances, and cultural events. Our covered court is designed to provide a safe and comfortable environment for our students, with ample lighting, clean and well-maintained surroundings, and adequate space for seating and viewing. It also has a sound system that can provide clear and crisp sound quality for announcements, speeches, and other presentations.



    Our Quadrangle is a spacious and versatile space hub for many students’ social and physical activities. Our quadrangle features a flat, well-maintained surface ideal for outdoor sports, such as volleyball, sepak takraw, and other games requiring a level playing field. It is also used for various school events and activities, including student gatherings, cultural events, and outdoor performances.



    Our Chapel is a peaceful and serene place that serves as a spiritual sanctuary for our students, teachers, and staff. With its tranquil atmosphere, our Chapel offers a sacred space where one can meditate, reflect, and connect with their faith and spirituality.

    In addition to being a place for quiet contemplation, our Chapel also serves as a venue for our community to come together and celebrate Mass on the first Friday of each month.

  • TLE (Kitchen) LABORATORY


    We take pride in our fully equipped and modern TLE (Kitchen) Laboratory, which provides our students with hands-on learning experiences in culinary arts and food preparation. Our TLE (Kitchen) laboratory is designed to provide our students with a safe and conducive learning environment to develop their culinary skills and creativity.



    The Little Theater (Auditorium) is a hub for our performing arts programs, including theater productions, musical performances, and other cultural events. It is equipped with a good-quality sound system, lighting equipment, and a stage that can accommodate a variety of performances. It is also a space for our students to hone their skills in the performing arts.



    Our comfort rooms are strategically located throughout the campus, making them easily accessible to our students whenever needed. We have separate comfort rooms for boys and girls, each equipped with modern fixtures such as water-efficient toilets, urinals, sinks, and hand dryers. We make sure that our comfort rooms are always clean, well-stocked, and adequately ventilated to maintain a pleasant and fresh atmosphere.



    Our clinic is staffed with a full-time registered nurse responsible for providing our student’s first aid and emergency care. Our nurse is well-trained and experienced in dealing with common health issues, minor injuries, and emergencies that may arise during school hours.



    The guidance counselor’s room is a warm and welcoming space designed to create a safe and comfortable environment for students. The room is spacious and well-lit and exudes a positive and encouraging atmosphere. The furniture is both practical and comfortable, with chairs and a couch that provides a relaxed seating option for counseling sessions or completing worksheets and assessments. The room is equipped with a wide variety of resources and materials that promotes mental health and personal development. The guidance counselor’s room is a peaceful and supportive space where students can feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and concerns.



    The prefect of discipline’s room is a space that exudes a sense of authority and respect. Strategically located near the school entrance, the room allows the prefect to easily monitor and regulate student behavior, and ensures that discipline remains a top priority in the school’s culture. The room is furnished with a desk and chair for the prefect, as well as a few additional chairs for students seeking guidance or support. The prefect’s room is a place where students can go to report any issues or concerns they have about their peers’ behavior or any other disciplinary matters. By doing so, they not only help maintain order and respect in the school, but also demonstrate their own commitment to upholding high standards of conduct. The prefect’s room is an essential component of the academy, providing a physical space that reflects and reinforces the importance of discipline, and reminding all students of the crucial role they play in creating a safe and respectful community.