Academic Excellence

Academic excellence is an important part of the well-rounded Bloomfield mission. As proof, the academy has won awards and citations from various academic competitions. These include LAPPRISA-sponsored contests, Battle of the Brains, National Bible Quiz, Nutri-Quiz, and Discovery Worldwise Whiz Quiz. Worth mentioning is the Battle of the Brains ASEAN invitational championship. The academy has a near 100% success rate in the above competitions.

Realizing the value of technological skills in the new millennium, Bloomfield Academy has been offering computer-aided learning as early as 1990. The Academy’s New Wing houses new Computer Laboratories with up-to-date facilities and equipment.

A wide range of extracurricular activities allow the Bloomfield family of students and teachers to interact within the school and outside.

The Friends of San Lorenzo, the B.A. Student Council, and the Campus

Ministry Group also have civic outreach programs with members of the marginal sector within Las Piñas. Other beneficiaries are prisons and homes for the elderly, unwed mothers, orphans and the physically handicapped.

Bloomfield Academy’s well-rounded quality education includes health and physical activities such as Basketball, Volleyball, Track And Field, Table Tennis, Swimming and Badminton, as well as the nurturing of cultural talents through music such as our Dance Troupe and art lessons and activities.

Bloomfield Academy believes that good values play a pivotal role in student formation. Spiritual values such as love, respect, honesty, purity, generosity, good morals and right conduct, and humility are integrated in all aspects of learning.

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