I. Can you please provide information on the enrollment process at Bloomfield Academy?

STEP I: Fill out the Bloomfield Academy Online Application Form using the QR code at the admission/Guidance Office. The online application form will require you to provide personal information, academic background, and contact details.

STEP II: Submit all the necessary admission requirements to Ms. Gina Villaflor. These requirements include your birth certificate, report card, and others. Make sure to double-check with Ms. Villaflor for the complete list of requirements.

STEP III: Schedule the on-site entrance exam. Once your requirements have been submitted, you will be given a schedule for the on-site entrance exam. This exam will evaluate your academic skills and knowledge.

STEP IV: Wait for the schedule of the on-site interview. After passing the entrance exam, you will be scheduled for an on-site interview with the school’s guidance counselor. This interview aims to assess your personal qualities, values, and interests.

STEP V: Wait for the release of the entrance exam and application results. After the on-site interview, the school will evaluate your application and send you the result via email or phone call.

STEP VI: Proceed to the Registrar’s Office to enroll. If you have been accepted, proceed to the Registrar’s Office to enroll and pay the necessary fees. Make sure to bring all the required documents.

II. What are the enrollment requirements at Bloomfield Academy?
Enrollment Requirements for New Students

1. Birth Certificate

2. Baptismal Certificate

3. 1×1 ID picture with nametag (3 copies)

4. The latest copy of the report card must have a general average of 80 and a conduct grade of Satisfactory.

5. Certificate of Good Moral Character

6. Incoming students who are ESC grantees should submit the ESC Certificate Number.

7. Incoming students from Kinder, Grade 7, and Grade 11 applying for an academic scholarship for the Top 1, Top 2, and Top 3 should provide a certificate of ranking stating their rank from their previous school.

III. To enroll as a transferee from a school abroad, the following additional requirements must be provided:

  • Complete Scholastic Record from the previous school
  • Photocopy of Alien Certificate of Residence (for non-Filipino citizens)

IV. What are the enrollment schedules?

  • o The first batch of new applicants will be processed from April to May 30, 2023.
  • o The second batch of applicants will be processed from May 30-July 31, 2023.

V. Can you give me information about the school fees?
Yes, you may talk with or contact Ms. Gina Villaflor via:
Tel: 8874-15 13 Local 108

VI. Do you have scholarship grants?
Yes. Please refer to Scholarships section here for more information.