School Fees
The School Fees include the Tuition Fee and fees related to registration, laboratories, medical and dental, library, Learning Management System, energy, Internet, assessment, development, and group insurance.

Scholarship Grants
Bloomfield Academy Scholarship and Financial Assistance Program offers the following grants:

Full Tuition Fee Payment Discount
By paying the full tuition fee, parents can enjoy a 40% discount on the total cost of books, making it a great opportunity to save on educational expenses.

Alumnus Discount
This discount is given to all parents whose children are enrolled in Bloomfield Academy. The parent alumni/alumna of Bloomfield Academy is an elementary or high school graduate.

Place Amount
Upon entry15%
Succeeding years of stay in Bloomfield Academy 5%

Bloomfield Academy Academic Scholarship (BAAS)

This scholarship is granted to the Top 3 students of each batch from Grade 1 to Grade 12 who are on the honors list. New students from Grade 1, Grade 7, and Grade 11 who belong to the Top 3 from the previous school are also entitled to the scholarship.

Place Discounts
Top 1 100% discounts
Top 2 50% discounts
Top 3 25 % discounts

New students who will avail of the scholarship should present a certification of his/ her rank from his previous school.

ESC Subsidy
Educational Service Contracting or ESC is a system of government financial assistance that provides grants for deserving elementary graduates to pursue secondary education in a private high school of their choice. This is a subsidy given the service contracting to all incoming grade 7 students.

Level Amount
Grade 7 13 thousand tuition fee discount
Grade 8 13 thousand tuition fee discount
Grade 9 13 thousand tuition fee discount
Grade 10 13 thousand tuition fee discount
Grade 11 Voucher program 18 thousand voucher recipient
Grade 12 Voucher program 18 thousand voucher recipient

All incoming ESC applicants will wait for approval before it will be applied. Once approved the subsidy will be applied to the last tuition fee payment.
If the student applicant pays the tuition in full, the subsidy will be refunded to the student.

Multiple Sibling Discount (MSD)
Multiple Sibling Discount is granted to families with three (3) or more children enrolled in Bloomfield Academy. The following discount may be availed.

Place Discount
Third Child 10 % tuition fee discount
Fourth Child 15% tuition fee discount
Fifth Child  20%tuition fee discount
Sixth Child 30% tuition fee discount

Assistance to Person with Disability (PWD)
Bloomfield Academy provides 10% discount on tuition fee to PWDs as mandated by RA 9442.


Photocopy of the Valid Identification card issued by the National Council on Disability Affairs or Municipal Social Welfare office

Assistance for Solo Parent
The school provides a 10% discount on tuition fee only to solo parent as mandated by R.A. 8972


Photocopy of the valid solo parent identification card issued by the Municipal Social Welfare Office.

Note: Only one discount may be applied at a time from the available options.