Admissions and Application Forms

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Admission Procedures for Student Applicants

  1. Submit the following admission requirements to the Registrar’s Office
    Photocopy of the following:(counter-check against the original copy)
    – Birth Certificate
    – Baptismal Certificate (for Catholics only)
    – 2 pcs. latest report card with a general average of 80% with no failing grade and a conduct grade of at least Satisfactory (Grade I – High – School)
    – Three (3) 1×1 ID pictures
    – Two (2) copies of recommendation forms (Grade IV – High School) from the Principal and the Adviser / Guidance counselor
  2. For transferees from school abroad:
    – Complete scholastic record from previous school’s
    – Photocopy of Alien Certificate of Residence (for non-Filipino citizen)
  3. Applicants should meet the following age requirements:
    Nursery – must be 3 years & 6 months by June
    Kinder – must be 4 years & 6 months by June
    Prep – must be 5 years & 6 months by June
    Grade I – must be 6 years & 6 months by June
  4. Fill up application forms and interview sheet issued by the Registrar’s Office and return the for validation.
  5. Applicants who are unable to take the examination on the specified date will be assigned a later schedule.
  6. Examination result will be released following the schedule is given by the Psychometrician.
  7. Bloomfield Academy reserves the right to:
    Assign slots of accepted applicants who fail to confirm enrollment on the specified date to other applicant require the applicants to enroll in Summer classes prior to enrollment.

Please bring two (2) sharpened pencils, examination permit and snack on the scheduled day.
Examinees should be at the lobby ten (10) minutes before the examination schedule.

Enrollment Requirement

(For those who are qualified to enroll at Bloomfield Academy)

    1. Original Report Card signed by the Principal
    2. Medical form (using Bloomfield Academy medical form)
  • Payment of reservation fee


(Note: Applications on a first-come-first-served basis only.)

Instructions on how to send the Application Form via e-mail.

  1. Fill up the Application Form and all the fields that are highlighted as requested.
  2. Save the Admissions.pdf
  3. Open your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer/Firefox/Chrome)
  4. Go to your mail account website and Login (e.g. Yahoo Mail, assuming that you are using Yahoo Mail)
  5. Click on the Compose New Message Button
  6. Type here the following fields:
    Subject: (Your child’s Name) Application Form
  7. Attach the Filled up Application Form Admissions.pdf file.
  8. Press Send button.

The Admissions Center will notify you within the next hours for the Application validation.

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