• About the Association

    Alumni Association is an organization that aims to establish a strong bond between the school and its alumni. The association’s primary objective is to maintain and enhance the relationship between the alumni and the school, keeping them informed of the school’s developments and updates.
    The association provides opportunities for the alumni to reconnect with former classmates, teachers, and the school community, fostering a sense of camaraderie and support. Members are encouraged to participate in events, programs, and activities organized by the association, such as reunions, homecomings, and career seminars.
    Through its programs and activities, the Bloomfield Academy Alumni Association also aims to contribute to the school’s continued growth and success. The association seeks to provide support to the school by raising funds for various projects and initiatives, such as scholarships, infrastructure upgrades, and faculty development.
    Moreover, the association serves as a platform for the alumni to give back to the school by sharing their expertise, skills, and experiences. By working together, the alumni and the school can create a positive impact on the lives of the students, the community, and society as a whole.
    Overall, the Bloomfield Academy Alumni Association is an excellent opportunity for former students to stay connected with the school, contribute to its development, and support the next generation of students as they pursue their educational goals.
    Bloomfield Academy is a pioneer in offering an innovative STEM curriculum that provides students with revolutionary modular technology education. We have various laboratories, including Career and Speech laboratories, that promote experiential learning.
    Let Bloomfield Academy shape you into a well-rounded, globally competent, and responsible professional!
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    We want to stay connected with you and hear about your successes and accomplishments since leaving Bloomfield Academy. To do so, we need your help in filling out a simple form that will allow us to keep in touch and notify you of upcoming events and opportunities.

    By filling out this form, you’ll also have the chance to reconnect with old friends, network with fellow alumni, and support the school that helped shape who you are today. Your participation in this effort is crucial to maintaining a strong alumni community and ensuring that future generations of students can benefit from the same quality education and experiences that you did.

    So, let’s stay connected and show our support for Bloomfield Academy.

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