Bloomfield Academy Student Organizations

Bloomfield Academy is a school that encourages its students to be involved in various extracurricular activities and student organizations. Here are some brief descriptions of the student organizations at Bloomfield Academy:

Bloomfield Academy Supreme Student Government is a group of students who are elected by their peers to represent the student body. They work closely with school administration to plan events, advocate for student needs, and facilitate communication between students and faculty. They are advised by one of our excellent teachers, Ms. Thelma Marquez.

According to DECS Order No. 31 s. 2001, all public and private schools should recognize student government as a vehicle for developing leadership skills among students. This fosters student empowerment, promotes harmonious relationships between student bodies and school administration, and safeguards the student’s general welfare.

List of the duly elected Bloomfield Academy Supreme Student/Pupil Government for the Academic Year 2022-2023.

Antoinette Myrel B. Carballo


Janina Marie I. Evangelista


Trisha Anne T.Tuviera


Kiel Margarette T. Molina


Peter Lorenz C. Buhain


Enzo Luis C. La’o


Joel Ruivivar


Pamela Colette G. Gabriel


Pauline Natalie G. Tingchuy


Juan Carlo D. Jorge


Sofia Gianna Lexie D. De Jesus


Jose Matteo C. Perez


Nicholas Daniel P. Villanueva


Arabella Szuriel Rae F. Angat


Ms. Thelma O. Marquez



These clubs are intended to hone the students’ talents and skills and heighten their interests and inclinations in preferred areas. Their presence and participation in these clubs are evaluated and marked in their report cards.

  • Culinary Club
  • Dance Club
  • Science Club
  • Journalism Club
  • Scouting
  • Theater Arts Club
  • Book Lovers Club


These clubs or organizations complement and form essential support for the various academic programs of study. This academic program may directly emanate from the requirements of the course but is specifically designed to enrich further the academic program.


These clubs or organizations provide informal activities of all kinds outside the formal work of the classroom but are subject to some measure of control by the school and its authorities. It can be viewed as a form of activity completely divorced from the teaching-learning situation inside and outside the regular schoolwork.

Bloomfield Academy Altar Servers (B.A.A.S.): Thru this service, the students are assisted in finding the meaning of their faith through constant service. As Altar Knights during the mass, they are encouraged to serve in their own but special way by being good role models to others, as friends, soldiers, and servants of Christ at the Altar during the celebration of the Holy Mass.

Bloomfield Academy Bell Canto: This special organization is open to all students and aims to provide opportunities to develop creative expression and appreciation for music. It is an effective venue to share the students’ talents in singing as they present in different school activities like liturgical celebrations, academic programs, and cultural shows.

Varsity Club: Focuses on training tactics, game strategies, and Bloomfield athletes’ production.

Bloomfield Academy Senior Red Cross Youth Council: The Bloomfield Academy Senior Red Cross Youth Council is a voluntary humanitarian organization that aims to help others through different services that cater to the needs of the vulnerable. It also aims to educate and give the youth opportunities to give of themselves to others through worthwhile activities.

Bloomfield Academy Student Council (B.A.S.C.): The Bloomfield Academy Student Council is the highest governing representative of students at the grade school and high school levels. It aims to embody the highest expression of the will and interests of students; advance the students’ welfare; aid in their personal development, promote social awareness, encourage student involvement, develop effective student leaders; and seek for continuous improvement to serve the school and the community through innovative and efficient services.

These student organizations allow Bloomfield Academy students to develop leadership skills, explore their interests and passions, and collaborate with their peers on creative projects and events.