Bloomfield Academy opened its doors in 1985 and continued to serve children everywhere. It has been 35 years, since then. Next SY 2020-2021, we will be celebrating our 35th year anniversary, with the end in the mind to touch the lives of these children through excellent education, thus making a difference.

In order to motivate parents and guardians, aside from the good education the school offers, the school would like to give back to the community by answering the needs of the students in preparing them for tomorrow.

Thus, the theme, “Bloomfield Academy @ 35 Educating for Tomorrow”!

Since it is our 35th year anniversary, the school will be giving a 35% discount on all entry levels: Kinder, Grade 1, Grade 7 and Grade 11. In addition, the children of our alumni will also be giving a 35% discount in all levels.

This is going to be a joyous and tremendous year as we open our doors to all students in our community, offering them a 35% discount on all entry levels. Remember for Grade 7, this is on top of the ESC subsidy that you get from PEAC and for Grade 11, on top of the Senior High School Voucher.

Let us work together to spread this good news to all our friends and neighbours for these wonderful discounts.


Thank you.


Ms. Erlinda P. Juan