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BA Parents Teachers Association

BAPTA envisions itself to be a proactive and relevant partner of the school in contributing effective solutions to prevailing issues that would benefit the Bloomfield family. To foster friendly and mutual relationship of assistance between parents and teachers and other school authorities in the formal education of the school children. To provide parents and teachers with a forum to exchange views and give suggestions and observations that will redound to the betterment and welfare of the students of Bloomfield Academy. To establish mechanism for promoting closer rapport with the community so as to keep students, the parents and school faculty and officials abreast with the current local and national issues affecting educational policies. To promote camaraderie between the parents and the school so that both could work as a team in carrying out the aims and objectives of the PATABA especially along the intellectual, moral, social, civic, spiritual and physical development of the students.

BA Alumni Association

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Ma. Rosel L. Trinidad

Chucky Hikaru C. Watanabe, RN

Louise Andrea J. Dimabayao, RN

Mary Danielle T. Mercado, RN