School Symbols

Our School Colors

The school colors are green and gold which stand for Growth and Excellence in all undertakings. The school is committed to promoting the total growth of the students as well as that of its staff, the parents and the community. Green also stands for the green field where students are made to bloom by the golden sun who is God.


Our School Seal

The Philosophy, Vision and Mission of Bloomfield Academy are visualized in the school seal. The name of the school, Bloomfield Academy, is printed using two types faces – the classic and the modern. This symbolizes the kind of school that we are – an integration of the best of both the traditional and time-tested system of education and that of the modern age. The year (1985) on which it was founded is also printed.


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    The Sun
    On the left side of the school seal is the sun, which symbolizes God and His divine grace - the source of everything.
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    The Slogan
    On the right side is our slogan, "Amor Illuminet Vitam Tuam," translated as "Let Love Light your Life."
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    The Flower
    At the center of the seal is the flower in full bloom which stands for the school's Vision - a fully - integrated child; a child who is a total Christian, family/community member and a citizen of his country and the world.
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    The Leaves
    The two leaves symbolize the Personnel and Parent Formation programs. Both the flower and the leaves are supported by the stem which stands for the school';s Philosophy of the Child, of Catholic and Filipino Education.
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    The Lines
    The horizontal lines represent the support given by the administration, building, facilities and the outside community in the attainment of the school's vision and mission.
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    The Fields
    The green field on the right represents the community which is a field to be cultivated by the Bloomfield family for God's glory through its Community Development Program.
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