This year, DepEd reports that bullying in schools has increased through the years. Based on the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), their research reveals that 40 % of Filipino students have often encountered bullying. These numbers align with the reports of the World Health Organization, informing that 40.6% of children between the ages of 13 and 17 have encountered various forms of bullying (Africa, 2023).

How can we contribute to empowering respect and kindness while nurturing a bully-free community? According to UNICEF, the dynamics of bullying involve three roles: the victim, the perpetrator, and the bystander. UNICEF highlights the importance of educating children about bullying to enhance their ability to recognize it, whether they are affected themselves or observing it in others, fostering open dialogues that create safer and more supportive communities, and encouraging them to actively discourage bullying by promoting inclusivity, respect, and kindness and recognizing that they have the power to intervene, question such behaviors, and offer support to their peers in need of help. Source:

At Bloomfield Academy, we firmly believe that by collectively uniting to champion a culture of respect and inclusive community, we can significantly effect profound changes and maintain a learning environment that is safe and nurturing for everyone. On September 29th, our distinguished alumnus, Atty. Rikki Daniele Louis A. Dela Paz, will provide valuable insights to our students about the significant implications of bullying. This will empower them to understand their role in fostering an inclusive learning environment.

Stay tuned for an upcoming online knowledge event tailored for parents/guardians and open to the public!