On October 2nd, during our Science Monday, we delved into astronomy and the cosmic connection to our furry friends. Did you know that animals played a unique role in space exploration? From fruit flies to monkeys and even a dog named Laika, animals were early pioneers of space travel, helping scientists better understand the effects of zero gravity and radiation on living organisms. We explored this intriguing chapter of space history, where animals boldly went where no creatures had gone before, paving the way for human spaceflight and scientific discoveries that have continued to shape our understanding of the cosmos.

This October, we’re bringing our learners Astronomy trivia every Monday in celebration of World Space Week 2023 and International Observe the Moon Night 2023 this month.
At Bloomfield Academy, where we prioritize science and technology education, we are dedicated to nurturing our learners’ enthusiasm for creativity and exploration. 

That’s why each Monday, we dive into amazing topics, fueling our students’ curiosity and passion for science and technology! #ScienceMonday