Discover the inspiring and amazing initiatives undertaken by the parents of Bloomfield Academy!

 From organizing a diverse array of engaging events for families, students, educators, and fellow parents – including the likes of the Family Fair, Movie Day, Halloween Party, and Spa Treat – to extending a helping hand to those confronting difficulties within our school community, these BA parents embody unwavering compassion and commitment. Represented by the BA PTA, these parents are resolutely dedicated to serving as proactive and indispensable collaborators, addressing contemporary challenges to promote the collective well-being of the Bloomfield Academy family. Their core mission? Cultivating a harmonious and supportive relationship among parents, teachers, and educational leaders on the journey of nurturing our children.

We love and appreciate you our BA parents! ❤️

For more information, please visit the website page of BA PTA:

Hey there, Bloomfieldians! As you have learned in our Science Monday activity, your bones are like the superheroes of your body, and they need a special trio of things to become super strong: calcium, Vitamin D, and exercise! 

By giving them these superpowers while you’re young, you’ll stay strong, stand tall, and keep enjoying all your favorite sports and activities as you grow up. 

Say goodbye to slouching and keep rocking your favorite sports and activities! 

Source: National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS). Healthy Bones Matter. Retrieved September 18, 2023, from



Today, our students learned fascinating facts about bones as part of our Science Monday

This September, we’re bringing our learners Biology trivia every Monday!

At Bloomfield Academy, where we prioritize science and technology education, we are dedicated to nurturing our learners’ enthusiasm for creativity and exploration. 

That’s why each Monday, we dive into amazing topics like this, fueling our students’ curiosity and passion for science and technology! #ScienceMonday

Bloomfieldians, don’t miss the opportunity to explore our Canvas-based Guidance & Counseling and Library E-hubs! 📚📖🌞

Within the Library Hub in Canvas, you’ll find the following:

1. Divided into three tiers: Grade School, Junior High, and Senior High School.

2. Access Library House Rules, Meet the Librarian, and Library Orientation sections.

3. Check out the Word of the Week.

4. Engage in Library Trivia.

5. Take part in the Library Challenge.

6. Know more about authors in Author Spotlight.

7. See more interesting books in Book Spotlight.

8. Utilize the Questions/Comments section.

For any concerns related to your well-being and mental health, please connect with our Guidance Counselor through Canvas and stay informed about updates!

Bloomfieldians, seize the opportunity to enrich your skills and enhance your talents by joining our dynamic clubs! Keep an eye out for the club presentation schedule, and get ready to discover your passions, connect with like-minded individuals, and embark on a fulfilling journey of self-improvement!