BA’s week was a harmonious blend of community building, advocacy for kindness, and intellectual exploration, reflecting our commitment to holistic development and a positive culture.

The week was marked by a series of engaging and impactful activities! The highlight was the successful launch of our Kindness Campaign, a thoughtful initiative aimed at fostering a culture of compassion, giving, inclusivity, and positivity within Bloomfield Academy.

The campaign kicked off with a Kindness Parade, where students and faculty members came together to celebrate and spread goodwill throughout the School.

The campaign and its proceeds is for the benefit of the partner beneficiaries of the School.In addition to the festive parade, we had our General Assembly and discussed important updates, shared insights, and strengthened the sense of community within BA.

To stimulate intellectual curiosity, the week also featured “Science Monday,” exploring the wonders of science and encouraging a continuous pursuit of knowledge.