On this day of honoring San Lorenzo Ruiz, we are proud to recognize the students of Bloomfield Academy who embody the virtues of our patron saint as the Most San Lorenzo-like individuals in our school:

Pre-Kinder – Peace

Liam Jennings V. Villanueva

Kinder – Love

Raphael Vincent C. Del Rosario

Grade 1 – Charity
Zachary Brodie R. Acosta

Grade 2 – Humility
Albert Conrad C. Batac

Grade 3 – Generosity
Lucas G. Mondigo

Grade 4 – Sincerity
Francis Gabriel G. Parco

Grade 5 – Amity
Raymarc Jacob O. Loyola

Grade 6 – Honesty
Juan Carlo D. Jorge

Grade 7 – Forbearance
Prince Patrick S. Ting

Grade 8 – Steadfastness

Enrique Lawrence A. Maligaya

Grade 9 – Uprightness

Constancio Chase R. Vingno

Grade 10 – Integrity
Enzo Luis C. La’o

Grade 11 – Benevolence
Beau Zachary T. Tueres

Grade 12 – Freedom
Paul Joseph Binondo

Congratulations to everyone, and continue being outstanding role models!

We are so proud of you!